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Discover the Timeless Beauty of Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls are valued for their distinctiveness, natural beauty, and historical significance in jewelry, making them a popular choice for those seeking unique and visually striking pieces.

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Experience Versatile and Sophisticated Mother of Pearl Jewelry.

Mother of pearl's beauty, versatility, durability, symbolism, and sustainability make it ideal for jewelry. Adds elegance and sophistication.

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Explore Exquisite Butterfly and Heart Shaped Jewelry.

Add a Touch of Romance to Your Outfit with Exquisite Butterfly and Heart Jewelry.

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Elevate Your Look with Alluring and Classic Jewelry

Elevate your style with our collection of alluring and timeless jewelries. Each piece is carefully crafted for classic elegance.

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  • Gift Guide

    Struggling to choose a gift? Explore our collection of unique and meaningful present ideas designed to express love towards your loved ones.

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  • Our Packaging

    Every piece of jewelry is a precious gift, whether for your loved ones or for yourself. Our packaging is thoughtfully designed and comes free of charge, complete with a complimentary jewelry cleaning cloth.

  • About Lucianna

    Our name, Lucianna, meaning 'light,' reflects our mission to bring timeless elegance into your life. Each piece of Lucianna jewelry is crafted with sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil, and natural pearls. We design our pieces to enhance your natural beauty and inspire confidence in everyday life.

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